Friday, December 12, 2003

Gentle Kisses

Gentle Kisses

Like fireflies
floating on a summer’s breeze
Our lips touch -Soft wings fluttering in warm air.
I taste the moistness of your breath
Fresh and sweet -Like the dew in the stillness of an early morning.
Just as the climbing rose caresses the trellis
Its tendrils intertwining - We weave our shapes and conjoin our thoughts.
Becoming as cascading water falling into deep still pools
Mist filled rainbows –We create small fireworks in sensuous colors.
The evening lights press shadows together
Reflections that compress -Its filtered rays probe as we slip into oneness.
In the textures of mornings’ light unlayered thoughts remain
Exquisite and unbound –Brushing aside stray strands I give you gentle kisses.


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