Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Hotel Trestavere

The hotel Trestevere, in the Trestevere section of Rome we are staying in is nice. Located on Via Manara in Trestavere, it is about one-quarter up the block of a long row of buildings. It’s clean, decent, simply appointed and small. The staff is friendly and, for the most part, speaks English. The clerk on duty when we came was a Romanian from Transylvania.

Off to the left of the lobby is a small dining room with 5 tables and a picture window that looks out over the street. Next door there is a motorcycle repair shop, which explains all of the motor bikes on the street.

Our room, on the second floor, is down a narrow hallway that has tall windows that open to a common area with the building next door. There are decorative murals painted on the walls. When you go through the lobby and up the stair case there is a 20 gallon fish tank just before making the turn to go down the hallway to our room. One thing we noticed that is pretty impressive is the thickness of the walls. They have to be at least a foot thick and made of brick covered over by plaster.

Our room, painted a pale yellow with white ceiling, is about ten feet by fifteen feet with a very high ceiling. The window at the end of the room is about twelve feet high. There is no air conditioning and I suspect it might get very warm in the summer months. Now, in the beginning of November, the evenings are cool and so the room is quite nice.

Looking out the window of our room we can see the open air market in the square. The market sells fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish.

Our room is comprised of a bed that is not quite king size. We have end tables on either side of the bed, a lounge chair and a large chiffarobe for a closet. There is also a low chest of drawers.

The bathroom is about five by five and includes a sink, bidet, toilet, and shower stall. The shower stall, tall and narrow, is such that when you drop the soap you have to bend at the knees, rather than at the waist, to pick it up. Either that or, as I did, open the door.

Each morning the hotel served a continental breakfast. The breakfast consisted of pastries, baguettes, apples, cereal, juice, and coffee (American, cappuccino, espresso).

All in all, it was a very nice place to headquarter in while we explored Rome and its environs.


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