Monday, March 31, 2003

Affairs of the Heart

Affairs of the Heart

I want to know where you’ll be
When you fall in love again.
Not your physical space
But in the deep spot in your heart
Where it breaks and is re-formed.

I want to know when you cry for lost love
And the tears settle softly on your cheeks,
that you can still smile at the memory
Of what once was
And can be again.

When I gently kiss you
And taste the sweetness of your lips,
I want to feel your unprotected urgings
Ripple with sensuality -
Without touching further.

I want to know
That I can love you
And learn who you are forever.
Giving myself to you
Without asking for anything in return.

And, like stars shining with the radiance
Of diamonds in a full moon’s light
I want to see your face -
Reflected in the timelessness of love,
And touch you, once again.