Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Politics Here & Now

While down in Florida on vacation the last week in September and the first week of October, I read the then current issue of Rolling Stone magazine, kept in touch with what was happening in Massachusetts and also read the local Sarasota, FL newspapers.

In Rolling Stone there was an article by Robt. F. Kennedy, Jr. on how the electronic voting machines used in the 2004 elections were essentially rigged. In the article RFK, Jr. explained how 3 of the 4 companies that manufactured the touch screen voting machines were major contributors to the Republican party. It was they who were pushing for paper-less voting. Unwittingly, the disability community, supporting HAVA, played right into the ploy. The NFB, saying that blind people couldn’t read a paper record of their vote – rather than pushing for a Braille copy, e.g., were in support of paperless voting. In general the disability community supported electronic voting because the touch screen technology was accessible. What they didn’t realize was how easy it was for their, and all, votes to be manipulated.

According to the article, research done at Johns Hopkins U. and at MIT demonstrated how easy it was for a computer program to be inserted into the electronic voting machine in order to have votes changed. And, for the program to then erase itself so there was no record. No paper trail of the vote cast, no record: guess who wins?

It is clear to me that the Republicans, the Bush Administration, rigged the election. In Florida, in Maryland, in Ohio, and also in Indiana, there is clear evidence that the voting record was clearly falsified.

While reading a local Sarasota paper, I read an article about how this group, SAFE, got 14,000 signatures to force a ballot issue in November to do away with electronic voting, unless the machines have a paper trail. I understand that that same effort is underway in Maryland, among several other states. It is necessary, I believe.

I just read today in the Boston Globe that a professor at U. Wisconsin-Madison has published a paper saying that the Bush Administration contrived 9/11. He likened Bush to Hitler but then went on to say that Hitler’s IQ was 20 – 30 points higher than Bush’s so the comparison wasn’t really fair. However, it seems to me that there’s enough evidence to support the professor’s claims. Anyone who has watched the Google internet documentary, Loose Change, will agree.

I did have a good time in Florida. I just needed to get this off my chest.


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