Friday, November 10, 2006

Eguie Castrillo at Berklee

The other night we went into town to listen to Eguie Castrillo perform at the Berklee Performance Center. It was quite a show. Eguie and his orchestra play Latin-jazz fusion music. Their sound was too big for the center but boy, it sure was good. Congas, drums and timbales fused with trumpets, saxophones and piano.

The evening started with a video show alternating between jazz and Cuban music performances as a means of providing an historic context for the audience. Then, at the video's conclusion, from in the back of the auditorium marching up to and on stage was, coming down one aisle dixieland jazz and coming down the other aisle Latin rhythms. It was quite a display, complete with dancers. And, it was very effective, the merging of the two distinct and different styles of music. Eguie put it all together.

He plays with such energy that the orchestra lit up under his smiling face and larger than life presence. In full command, Eguie let the players play and the energy swell until the entire Center, audience, dancers and band became one. It was incredible.

I had never listened to Latin jazz fusion music before. I know how to dance the Meringue and have done some Salsa and Cha Cha so I'm no stranger to Latin music. And I've been listening to jazz for close to thirty years. Never, though, had I ever thought about their marriage. Well, after this, I'm a believer. Latin jazz fusion music rocks!


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