Monday, April 14, 2008

Dining at One of Boston's Best

This past Friday Judy and I went to Locke Ober to celebrate her birthday. Locke Ober is one of Boston's finest restaurants. It's located in an alley off of a side street across from the Boston Common near the Park Avenue red line stop. We got there by going down a one way street the wrong way (which is allowed after 6 p.m.) and turning into an alley, to be relieved of the car by a parking valet.

Locke Ober was once exclusively a place for the wealthy Boston Brahmin businessmen. The establishment is full of dark mahogany, polished to a shine. The wood work is finely carved, ornate and evidently created just for the restaurant, but done, oh, maybe a hundred or more years ago.

We ate in the main dining room, eschewing the private dining areas available upstairs. In order to eat in the dining room, proper dress, described as at the minimum, business casual, is required. One can be more casual at the bar but even there jeans and work boots are verboten.

For dinner, Judy had Dover sole and I had Scottish salmon. Both dishes were excellent. The food was rich, well prepared and tasted sooo good. Because we were going dancing later on in the evening, we both declined dessert. However, since I mentioned that it was her birthday, the waiter brought out a sorbet sampler with a lighted candle in it for us to share. He also sang happy birthday to Judy. On our way out, one couple wished Judy a happy birthday.

Locke Ober is not a place to go to regularly, at least not for a guy with my budget, but it's definitely the type of Old Boston establishment to go for a special occasion. Quaint, refined, reserved, expensive, it's the kind of place you can only go to rarely, and leave with a lasting memory.


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