Thursday, December 21, 2006

Having Turned 60

Now that I'm sixty, I've been having these off and on times of feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the reality of it. Wow, I'm really sixty - almost as though something's supposed to happen; I don't know, like maybe I'll all of a sudden become decrepit, or senile, or something. It's strange. Almost like I'm now living in uncharted territory.

Last month a couple of my co-workers had a birthday party for me. It was held in a nightclub on a Saturday afternoon. We had cake and (I had) marguerita's. Since it was a nightclub you could drink anything you wanted.

The Club Caravan in Revere, on Saturday afternoons, holds jazz sessions. Professors, current and retired, from the Berklee School of Music perform at the Club. We were literally treated by the excellent music these folks played. There was even a singer who went through several standards. I'm not sure what goes on at the Club in the evenings but Saturday afternoons are worth going for.

My kids and grandchild came up to Boston for the weekend and for the party. It was very enjoyable having them; we had a good weekend. The time went by in a blur, however, and it seemed that just as soon as they had landed at Logan they were again taking off.

A couple of weeks ago I went to see the surgeon for my final post-surgery visit. I received good news and am now able to resume any and all activity. He doesn't want to see me for a year. So I joined a fitness center and am getting back in shape, so to speak.

Julie and I joined the 16 week program. I think that's a promotional to get people in the door, because the place wants you to sign a two year contract. The only way to get out of the contract is to move more than 25 miles away, lose your job or die. I guess the idea behind the 16 week program is to get you into the place, get hooked on fitness and then not feel so bad about signing the contract.

I've been running on the treadmill, going around the circuit, taking yoga, and staying away from the free weights. I want to get back to wearing a speedo, not looking like Charles Atlas(t). As if.

I just read two articles related to aging that I found inspirational. One was on mental exercise and the other on physical exercise. It seems that keeping your mind active, learning new things, working on complex problems and otherwise remaining intellectually stimulated actually wards off dementia and may slow down the onset of Alzheimer's. Fortunately the latter doesn't run in my family so I hope to be able to remember who I am, at least, for my whole life.

Physical exercise, 45 minutes a day forever, also wards off the effects of aging. Not just taking walks, but vigorous exercise. So, I go to the gym 3 - 4 days a week and walk in between. Close enough.

Now that I'm 60 I have to take care of myself. I hope I'm not starting too late. On the other hand, being old is a state of mind.


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