Friday, July 20, 2007

Rainy Friday Morning

It's 7 a.m. and raining. Neither Dixie nor I care to go out in the rain so I have a whole extra hour this morning to muse. She did go out to relieve herself but was uninterested in walking so she's back on her bed. I think the humidity affects her arthritis, which makes it hard for her to move around. Poor dog.

Recently I started acupuncture in my further recovering from the radical prostatectomy and, I have to say, things are looking up! There's still two more sessions to go and I continue to put a heating pad on my lower stomach every evening. The theory is that scar tissue formed, preventing the flow of blood. So, while I've noticed a significant improvement, there's still more to go. I appreciate all positive thoughts and intercessory prayers. I realize that's a selfish promotion but I really do want to improve my quality of life.

Life up here continues to go on. Julie's going to Paris for a week; I'm going to work. This weekend is the ArtBeast festival in Somerville, which is not to be missed. Also, we'll be going dancing tonight. Last night we went to Watertown's free summer concert series and listened to the Berklee School of Music's Jazz performance big band. They may have been students but they played like professionals.

At the moment I'm reading Al Gore's book - "The Assualt on Reason." I think it's a must read for us all. The Bush right wing conservative administration is very much on a mission to make our country a fundamentalist society in which the rich become obscenely rich and the rest of us, well, they don't care about. It really is up to us to oust this administration. We need to exercise our right to voice our opinions and to refuse to allow this regime to continue to take us down it's road of true fascism. It's not to just vote democratic, it's to vote for the people who will understand that we live in a progressive society and that we're all in this together and so we need to have people in office who truly do have the entire society's interests at heart.

The right wing Republication agenda of Bush/Cheney is very, very scary. What Nixon and Reagan did in their administrations is nothing compared to what these two are doing. Don't be surprised if, nearing election time, the threat of war (read terrorism) becomes paramount and the issue becomes how can we, the public, make an administration change during such a challenging time. Believe me, it will be a ruse that if we fall for it will seal America's fate for generations to come.

But, don't get me started. Read the book. Talk, discuss, become involved in the issues. It's not black and white, for me or against me, patriot or traitor, it's about what is best for all of us, not just some of (them).


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