Monday, January 15, 2007

Ravens Go To Roost

It was a very disappointing loss on Saturday, the Ravens losing to Indianapolis. I guess we have to take it philosophically. I've been trying to think that instead of just wanting a win to advance in the playoffs, I wanted revenge for having been left, abandoned, 24 years ago. Maybe if there wasn't so much left over emotional baggage tied up with the game, it would have turned out differently. Truly, I think, it is now time to let it go.

I believe the Ravens will be a contender again next year. But, probably so will the Colts. We now have to consider them as just another team, not as an ex-lover who jilted us. We just can't care anymore. However, I do hope they don't get past New England next week. Then, I think, starting next season I won't care anymore. Every team deserves a shot at winning the Stupid Bowl, just not Indianapolis this year.

I'm rooting for New England to go the rest of the way. Since I live up here in the area, I have to throw my allegiance with the Patriots. Their win over San Diego was stunning, the stuff of story books. Brady reminded me of Johnny Unitas to Raymond Berry for one more pull-it-out-at-the-last-moment victory. And, especially since the Patriots play the Colts next week for the AFC Championship game, I want the Patriots to stick it to them.

To be honest, now that the Ravens aren't in it anymore, I really don't care who wins - as long as it isn't Indianapolis. However, I'm starting to believe that if I continue harboring this resentment it may come back to bite me. So, like the rest of the love's lost history closeted away in my heart, I have to let it go. Whoever wins, wins.

It is true that when relationships break up, someone gets stuck while the other one moves on, having grown as a result. If the fans of Baltimore remain in that jilted mode, it will only serve to cause continued heartache and pain, a festering that will cause a cancer to grow instead of a needed healing to occur.

Maybe the Colts do need to win the whole thing so that we can really get our noses rubbed in it and give up the ghost just to be able to finally get it over with. Sort of like seeing the ex-lover get re-married and have found true happiness. While you don't like it, you have to, if begrudgingly, acknowledge their happiness and close the book on your own feelings and sense of loss. It's not worth staying angry forever.

So, while I left Baltimore but know Baltimore will never leave me, I have to move on. Things, no matter how much we may want them to, don't remain the same. Go Pats.


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