Thursday, August 16, 2007

Books, Teeth & the Dog

Last night I finished reading the final installment of Harry Potter. It was a wonderful 3 week journey through the seven Harry Potter books. It is almost a shame to be done. I had a good time losing myself in the trials, tribulations, adventures, twists, and turns the stories took. I would recommend reading the books in order, though, and encourage anyone who wishes to go ahead and take the plunge. I think the series ranks right up there with the Hobbit trilogy.

Last week I went to the dentist to have my four front teeth crowned. It cost me just about $5000. By comparison, Dixie only cost me $200 when I took her to the emergency vet. I should have known not to give her spanish rice and a soft taco with her dry food. Poor dog. She suffered for several days.

Yesterday she got a bath that helped relieve the dry, flaky skin she has. I'm not sure if it's an allergy (which is what the vet thinks) or what, but I'm giving her atarax, which is for anxiety and also, oddly enough, for allergys. Julie seemed to think it would knock Dixie out; instead, it made her hyper - at least for the first two days. Now she's back to normal. She really felt good after the bath. Next is haircut time.

During the past two weeks I've been suffering from a sinus infection. Finally I went to the Dr. and got antibiotics. Now the pressure in my face has been relieved but the antibiotic makes me nauseous. I'm eating Activa yogurt to combat the nausea, which is a battle as I really dislike yogurt. I'd rather eat ice cream but that would feed into the sinus issue and keep me in this endless loop. So, I take the stuff to clear my sinuses, the stuff to clear up the infection, the stuff for in my nose, and the stuff to keep my stomach on an even keel.

Now that Potter's over, my next book to read, as part of the book club I'm in, is Suite Francaise. The book is a novel written during and of the beginning days of the the downfall of Paris in WW2. It was written by a published author of the time who ended up dying in a concentration camp. Her book, mostly finished, was "found" not too many years ago as an unpublished manuscript. It provides a good glimpse of the times in Paris during the early days of the german occupation.

The book I want to get to, A Thousand Splendid Suns, I won't be able to get to until I read The Peabody Sisters, which is book two on the book club discussion list. One at a time.


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