Monday, September 21, 2009

Becky's Birthday

A group of us got together to celebrate Becky's birthday. It was her wish to go to The Brewery in Lowell for dinner followed by shooting pool, throwing darts and playing air hockey upstairs. It all sounded reasonable to me.

It was like a field trip.

At dinner she got her collective present - a Mandoline. In addition, she got a ton of cards. Just yesterday she had the opportunity to play her mandoline. I understand she cut up over five pounds of egg plant in perfect slices. But that's another story.

I had never been to The Brewery in Lowell. It is in an old converted mill building, much like almost everything else is in the old mill towns. There was lots of open space, high ceilings and brick work. We all got different meals; I had a pizza that was really good.

The Brewery is also a microbrewery and they had a bunch of their best available. Not sure what to get, Becky & I shared the sampler. We got a sample of four of their beers, one of which was 14% alcohol and definitely put a spin on my supper.

We then went upstairs for the fun and games. Air hockey was cool. I was 1 - 1. Shooting pool, I had Becky on the ropes but lost when I scratched on the eight ball. Well, she was the Birthday Girl, after all. Onto darts.

It had been a long time since I'd played darts. The dart board was not quite far enough away for me to have to wear glasses but just far enough away that there was a little fuzzines around the edges. However, in my best beer style, I hung in there and made a credible showing. I thought the darts were better than what you'd expect to find at a bar and I was right. As we packed up for the evening, the darts went into the case of one of our party. Hmnn.

Afterwards, we went back to the house where cake and ice cream was served. How old are we? Well, there was some wine flowing so I guess we were some kind of adults, maybe just trying to re-live an earlier time. Maybe it's just that those earlier times were actually more fun than the ones we can't quite remember being at.


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