Monday, October 05, 2009

Blue Man Group

I’d been wanting to go see Blue Man Group since I’d moved to the Boston area almost four years ago. Finally, this past Friday night, I got there. It was definitely worth the wait.

The theater, on a side street, was kind of cheesy; that is, old and worn. But once the lights went down the whole place became transformed and the audience became transfixed. There were lights, lasers, loud live music, audience participation and many rolls of white crepe that looked like toilet paper.

It’s hard to put the performance into words. It was an audio-visual, sensory extravaganza. The show, at 90 minutes long, never had a slow moment. There were fast changes of pace and scenes. It was almost like the show was a big sleight of hand. Your eyes were directed to a lighted part of the stage for the action; in the darkened part there was action that couldn’t be seen. A lot of stuff was going on in a small amount of space.

The Blue Man Group, three guys in blue heads, all carried about them an aura of wonder, as though they were discovering the show along with the audience, only they got to interact more than those of us in the seats. They banged drums, played PVC pipe organs, and created different rhythms that were fast and furious, though mingled with a sense of bemusement.

At one point in the show one of the members tossed marshmallows across the stage, caught by another member in his mouth. The guy may have caught up to fourteen, it was hard to count but it was quite a mouthful. The resulting shape that came out of his mouth, a marshmallow 3-D art form, put out on a board, was pretty disgusting to look at, but funny.

Another time one of the members caught paint balls in his mouth that had been tossed to him from across the stage and sprayed them onto a canvas, making free-form art. When he then spun the mouth-sprayed display, the canvas was of multi-colored pinwheels. It made for a pretty cool effect.

The Blue Men got the audience into the act, pulling several people out to do some stunts that were pretty funny. One guy was put into a body suit, hung upside down off the floor by his ankles, painted, and then swung into a canvas, making body art, I guess.

In another part, a woman was chosen to come up on stage to be a part of a bit in which she and the three blue men became a panel, of sorts. She played their straight man, so to speak, and the resulting scene was pretty funny.

I’m sitting here writing this and all of these images keep flashing in my head – sights, sounds and colors. But, the only way to really appreciate their show is to go and see it.

Blue Man Group. Like the ad says, don’t leave Boston without seeing them.


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